What is PPC?

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click, a complex digital marketing channel that offers a significant opportunity to grow traffic and conversion metrics for digital marketers. It is a form of online advertising which allows advertisers accrue costs only when users click on or open their ads. PPC targets several campaign goals, such as enhancing sales, generating leads, and promoting brand awareness. PPC works on the relevance of the advertisement for users. PPC marketing works with the advertisers bidding for a particular value of click decided under the keywords, platforms, and target audience to which the ad will be shown.

As the marketing model allows advertisers to place advertisements on different platforms and pay to the platform owner when the ad has been clicked, the ad's goal is to make the user landing the advertiser's website or app, where the user can make a purchase or perform the desired action. Popular hosting platforms for such marketing types are search engines like Google or Bing, as they allow marketers to place ads responding to the keywords users are searching for. Advertising services such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads initiate real-time bidding to sell the advertising inventory through a private automated auction with real-time data.



Our certified experts and highly experienced professionals have been serving businesses across industries in building and running successful PPC Campaigns.

We help you expose your potential by opting most appropriate Ad management channels, which ensures you a higher conversion rate.

There cannot be a better way to serve your ads to the audience among whom the trust for your brand or service is already built. With us, you can get a more personalized touch while retargeting.

Native ads are the ideal ways of changing people’s mindset, and we are expert in this field.

Regardless of the business’s size, we help you enhance it by worldwide recognition and demand through video ads.

We conduct a PPC audit to help you find new ideas for improving your ads’ performance.

We help you choose the most appropriate social media channels to showcase your potential and quality uniquely and productively. We have got you covered on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

We have a team of experienced professionals with in-depth technical knowledge, suggestive attitude, and problem-solving and process-driven approach.

The best PPC advertising campaigns ensure the potential of guiding and compelling a user to perform a practical action, which can quite simply be leading to purchase your product. Still, it can also generate leads such as form submission, quote request or brochure downloads. Here we are discussing some of the most prominent benefits of PPC-

  • Cost-efficiency: PPC campaigns enable you to have complete control over budget, targets, and ad placements. With lesser investments, the marketing model ensures your optimum results.
  • Instant Traffic: PPC advertising already ensures that your content is presented on the first page of Google or other search engines. It won’t take months to climb the organic search ranking.
  • Warm Leads Driving: PPC campaign enables you to reach the right audience in real-time or maybe precisely when they are searching for what you are selling.
  • Helps your SEO Strategy: With PPC marketing, your needs not to hide keywords due to strategy. Instead, you would get a complete overview of the keywords that helps you convert.
  • Don’t Depend on Algorithm Changes: Unlike content marketing and SEO, PPC advertising does not depend on updates in search engine algorithm. This way, PPC advertising offers you high stability. PPC algorithms hardly go through high-impact changes.
  • Benefits you Social Media Strategy: You will get more cross-channel user data for combining strategically to improve your campaign’s results.
  • Ads are Easy to Produce: PPC ads do not need specialist design or hefty production skills, making them simple and accessible for all kinds of businesses.



We have a team of efficient and experienced Google Adwords experts and PPC specialists who are well equipped with understanding PPC anatomy and Social media advertising. We ensure your success and growth with our experience of strategic planning and assigning a dream-team to enable you to draw the optimum. With us, you would be experiencing a quick turnaround time and competitive pricing. Our specialized and exclusive features make us stand out in the crowd. We serve you with:

  • 100+ Qualified Adwords PPC Expert
  • Daily Progress Reports
  • Part-Time or Full-Time Resource Hiring
  • Billing on an hourly/weekly/monthly basis

We have considerable experience in the industry serving several renowned clients. Our understanding of handling more than 500 (tentative) campaigns and optimizing over 5000 keywords is enough to demonstrate our efficiency and potential. Our PPC specialists would help you kick-start your PPC and Social Media Marketing campaigns by performing the most crucial task – defining BUYER PERSONA. Moreover, we believe in sensing ownership of your professional ecosystem, customer-relationships, and your brand’s credibility.


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Conducting PPC marketing and advertising through Google Ads and other search engines is particularly valuable because most search engines get immense traffic and therefore deliver the optimum impressions and clicks on your ads. How frequently your PPC ads displayed depends on the keywords and match types you choose and put in. While several things affect the success rate of your PPC advertising campaign, you can attain so much by focusing on these:

  • Keyword Relevance – Crafting and selecting the most relevant PPC keyword lists, tightening keyword groups and proper ad text.
  • Landing Page Quality – Creating optimized landing pages with inspiring, relevant content and a transparent call-to-action, customized for specific search queries.
  • Quality Score – Quality Score is the search engine’s rating of the quality and sense of your keywords, landing pages, and PPC advertising and marketing campaigns. Advertisers with higher Quality Scores are most likely to get a larger number of ad clicks at relatively lower costs.
  • Creativity– Enticing ad copy is essential, and if you’re placing ads on the display network, you can use an efficient tool to create designer-quality advertisements that would demand clicks. 
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