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Email marketing are all about generating a call to action .In this age of customization and greater awareness amongst the consumers, how do you sell and market by genuinely intriguing the customers? Email marketing service offered by Hotbot Studios in the way to go.

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Maintain a Steady Readership on your Blog ​

You have Your social media strategies in place the calendar for you for contentlooks pretty must on point buddy I’m not getting the necessity exposure the visibility that they deserve here’s catch the paradigm has shifted to content marketing content marketing. content  marketing. content marketing. We understand your woes.

How We Help you At HotBot Studios​

At Hotbot Studios, a top email marketing company in Delhi, we help you you craft e-mail marketing strategies that actually work Here’s how:

Listen - Gather inputs on your work,your brand's mission and vision and ensure that all the information that you want to reflect in the emails are available with us.

Research - Rummaging through your input allows us to craft a story out of your information.

Fine Tuning - creating flawless email marketing tactics involve a certain level of finesse We help get there with efficiency our expertise.

Email Marketing India
Email Marketing Company Delhi

What you Get in Exchange for Nominal Changes​

Targeted Messaging - Imagine what focusing and refocusing on certain features and aspects of your product can do to your customer engagement and customer retention.

Better Market Penetration - You can easily spot where and how you going wrong. The result can be measured and can be improved to get better market penetration.

Convenience Personified - where your existing customers find a lucrative deal, they can easily forward and share the information. That can work on your sales numbers.

What We Do in Email Marketing

Email Template Design

EMail template Desing

Striking and Appealing template designs with interesting promotional content which your customers sees as a visual treat and gain interest in looking onto the contents and leading to higher probability of getting a conversion.

Bulk EMail Sending

Bulk EMail Sending

Bulk email sending allows you to send emails in bulk to lakhs of email id's in one click, which in turn saves you a lot of time and energy. As we all know, time is money! Basically you spend less to achieve more conversions in less amount of time.



After you are done with sending mails, we donot leave you alone, we provide you with proper report on how many emails were sent, how many people read it and how many of the responded positive or showed interest.

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Email marketing is cheap, yes. But when you do it right. it can up your game by leaps and bounds. Interested to find out more? perhaps your on the hunt for for email marketing service in India. email marketing service in India. Why don’t you shoot us a and we will take it from there