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Public Relations are NOT about Sending out Monthly Updates

In the digital era, we cannot rely on a monthly update to tackle brand management. The tune must be set early and must transition to smoother grounds by efficiently reaching out to the targeted audience. We, at Hotbot Studios, a PR agency in Delhi, India help you achieve just that!

Making Messages Resonate

While you can target a specific audience and keep working towards the same, imagine the kind of power it would give you if they truly resonated with what you put out there.

Talk of online and offline reputation management or handling tricky situations, we have got your way through all the major and minor crisis altogether. Here’s what we do differently:

  • Identify target audience and tailor messaging and communications accordingly with specific attention to demystify concepts and technology that you employ
  • Identify key opportunities to increase customer/ client reach by thoroughly navigating through the processes and market research
  • Propose, discuss and implement unique brand propositions after optimizing communication channels and analyzing performance

How Dedicated Public Relations Services can Help your Business

Hotbot Studios offerings in Public Relations sector is an affordable service with potential lead generation.

  • Increase in viewership- particularly in the well-informed sector of the audience; could strengthen your ties with government authorities and other external stakeholders
  • Greater exposure and long lasting impact that puts you and your brand in limelightgreater odds of lead generation and lead conversion

Brand FAQ's

Digital marketing helps you drive traffic to your website while targeting your audience with specific interests, age groups, and demographic filters.

There are usually 2 ways in which one can benefit from digital marketing services. The first is that we develop a brand image for you, apply a creative strategy and build a brand presence. In addition to the first option, we can place your advertisements on various advertising networks and social media platforms, which gives us the flexibility to choose from the demographics, interests, etc. of the audience we want to target.

Usually, it is more industry dependent as each industry has its own consumption and demand in the market. Generally, it takes about 3 months to show results and generally, it takes about a year to show full potential.

We are currently placed somewhere in the middle of the pricing segment, we ensure price and profit balance where we ensure the best service to out clients and help them scale up their business.

Any project on your mind. Let us know.

We bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation X is on the runway heading towards.

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