Increase Traffic and Provide Better Customer Satisfaction in One Go with Page Speed Optimization

  • Your website is concise.
  • Your social media presence is amazing.
  • You are investing on digital campaigns. Left, right and center.
  • You were driving organic traffic initially. But things seem to be slowing down lately. So much that it is frustrating you. We'll tell you why. It's the page speed optimization.
Increase Traffic
Digital Transformation

Why are you losing in the Era of Digital Transformation?

You are losing out on 40% traffic if your page doesn’t load within 3 odd seconds. It becomes increasingly complex if you are an e-commerce platform. Recently, Walmart found out that a change of as little as 100 milliseconds lead to one percent increase in revenue. We, at Hotbot Studios can help you gain that edge with our dedicated page speed optimization tools and expertise.

Accelerate Loading Times with HotBot Studios

We, at HotBot Studios provide mobile page speed optimization in several short steps. Here are a few for you below:

Reduce redirecting links on your website - Every time you redirect your consumers to multiple pages, it tends to affect your web pages's speed. We fix those errors and your webpage will load much faster.

Leverage the power of Content Delivery Networks -To create a reliable support for all the information available on your website, we create pockets of network servers evenly distributed at multiple data centers. Therefore, when you power through this step, your web page loads faster.

Decrease the Server's Response Time to Action - This one is a no trainer. If your server and hosting is acting up, it deserves a thorough check to identify potential bottlenecks and corrective measures to trigger response time lower than 200 milliseconds.

Accelerate Loading Times
Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis and Solutions for your Slow Web Pages

With page load speed optimization, it is important to realise that each case is different. We offer the root cause analysis and solutions to your woes at affordable rates and efficient timelines.

What We Do in Page speed Optimisation

Code Optimization

Code Optimize

Minification of code and removing unnceessary classes optimizes the code.

Image Optimize

Image Optimize

Resizing and Compressing images on the website to reduce the file size and increase the load speed.

Reduce Website Size

Reduce Website Size

The Reduce Website Size is the combination of both the above processes where we remove all the extra stuff from the website and also compress the graphic component

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